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Privacy policy and data usage agreement
The following privacy policy explains how the data is collected on our application and how it is processed and used by us.

Data protection is important to us, and we take this very seriously. We rely on reliable cooperation with you and do our best to make you satisfied – this of course applies to the processing of your personal data. With these data protection terms, we want to inform you about how your personal data is processed. Therefore please consider the following information. These data protection terms are an addition to the Terms of Use

In the course of our application development and implementation of new legal requirements, new technologies or to improve our services, there may be changes to this privacy policy. For that reason we recommend that you refer to this privacy policy from time to time.

Data protection Quan Thai
1. Person in charge of control
The operator of this application and the Controller responsible for data protection are:

2. General information about handling personal data
This privacy policy applies to data about you, including personal data collected by Quan Thai. Personal data is data or a combination of personal data through which to identify you.

Under no circumstances will we forward your personal data to third parties other than Quan Thai for advertising or marketing purposes without your consent.

In our company compliance with legal provisions and this policy is overseen by our data protection workers. Our employees are trained to handle personal data and commit in writing to comply with data protection regulations.

We suggest that you pay attention to the fact that data transmission over the Internet (for example, when communicating by e-mail) may involve security gaps. We try to protect your data from unauthorized access by third parties with precautions, such as “anonymity”, limiting the data environment, compliance with data deletion deadlines. and review the most advanced current technology. Despite these safeguards, we cannot completely eliminate illegal third-party interference.

3. Collecting and processing data in case of access from the Internet
When you access our application our server temporarily stores each access to the log file.
The legal processing of this data is done for the purpose of enabling the application (establishing a connection), for system security, technical management of network infrastructure and to optimize delivery. Internet. By agreeing to this privacy policy, you agree to allow us to collect this data.

These personal data are not processed outside of the circumstances outlined above, unless you expressly agree to further processing.

4. Purpose of using data
In accordance with the data avoidance and saving principle of the General Data Protection Regulation, we only collect personal data on our application when necessary for your desired purpose, we are obligated to do so in accordance with the law or binding agreement, if we have legal rights and / or if you voluntarily agree.

We process and store the provided data only as needed for the intended purpose and delete them upon completion of the purpose or after the expiration of the corresponding retention period. Collection, processing or use may not be made for any other purpose.

5. How we use your data
We use the data we collect to deliver to the products and services you request, to notify you of other products and services offered by Quan Thai, and to manage applications and our services (such as newsletters), and to meet rights and obligations related to data processing in accordance with the law.

To provide you with a comprehensive offer, your data is transmitted and used within the scope of Quan Thai.

6. Data transmission via the Internet
The Internet is an open global interface. Due to the operational nature of the internet and the associated system risks, all data transmission is performed and you do so at your own risk. For your security, we dedicated our deployment service through encrypted communication.

7. Security measures
We have taken extensive precautions to keep your data secure. The data you have entered is transmitted in encrypted form (SSL – Secure Sockets Layer) to us via a public data network to the Quan Thai server, where they are saved and processed.

This application uses SSL encryption for security reasons and to protect the transmission of confidential content, such as requests that you submit to us as the application user.

8. Forwarding personal data to third parties
Your personal data will not be forwarded to third parties (outside of Quan Thai), unless you have agreed to us in advance. This provision does not apply to transitions of service partners, such as postal service providers or freight forwarders, if the transmission is necessary to process orders. or delivery. The logistics provider receives the data required for the delivery of the goods for use according to its responsibility. We restrict this to sending data needed for distribution.

9. Personal data for newsletters
If you subscribe to the newsletter, then your name and e-mail address as well as information to enable us to check that you are the holder of the email address entered and agree to receive the newsletter. Believe it or not, we will save it. Your address will also be required for postage. Your data is processed separately for the requested bulletin, and will not be used for other purposes. Your data will not be forwarded by us to third parties.

10. Retrieve the data protection terms
You can retrieve and print these privacy policies from any Quan Thai application using the “Data protection” link.