PU Sealant is a one-part moisture curing Polyurethane Sealant composed of polyurethane polymer, pigments, fillers & additives. It is used for filling and sealing joints in buildings & structures. It is highly elastic & resilient, weather-durable, non sagging, watertight with excellent adhesion to almost all building construction materials. Specification Meets the requirement of ASTM C-920-S, NS, 25 & BS EN ISO—11600: 2003 Type F & G, Class 25 LM standard


*Sealing expansion and construction joints as well as joints between different construction materials in high[1]rise buildings, basements, floorings etc.

* Sealing Joints in between tiles, bricks, and marble etc.

* Sealing joints of metal container finishing.


Features & Benefits

  • Ready to use – Single pack, it reduces the failure due to heterogeneity while imperfect mixing.
  • Curing – Cures by absorption of moisture from air at ambient temperature with humidity.
  • Elasticity – Elastic & forms a permanent tough rubber seal.
  • Adhesion – Excellent adhesion to concrete, brick work, painted wood, glass, glazed surfaces, aluminum, stainless steel, steel & plastic like polyester & PVC. benefits variety of application & hermatic sealing.
  • Sag/slump thixotropic, does not sag or flow down in the joint.
  • Staining – No staining of cementitious substrates.
  • Weathering durability – Excellency, may slightly yellow on long exposure to UV light.
  • Movement accommodation – Accommodates continuous and pronounced cyclic movements. benefits from failure in joints.
  • Biodegradation – Resistant to bio-degradation, maintains hygoine



  • PU sealant is available in 600 ml sausage or a Pot of 600ml
  • Prime A – 500 ml Coverage