Is a 100% natural sodium bentonite – completely polymer-free which, after a brief dispersion in water and an aging time of about 6 / 8 hours, shows a rheological reaction that guarantees highly colloidal suspensions which have excellent suspensive waterproofing and lubricating characteristics.

  • Recommended for the preparation of every drilling fluid (piles, Diaphragm Walls and tunnelling), mixtures for waterproof vertical cut-off walls, for setting-up of Earth Electrode systems
  • Installation by pipe-jacking of concrete pipes.

 Specific advantages & benefits

  • Eco-friendly
  • Polymer free
  • Very good filtration properties
  • Strong Waterproofing qualities

 Packaging, Storage & Disposal (Keep the product in a dry place and closed in original packing)

  • Jumbo bag 1.1Ton
  • 25Kgs/Paper Bag