Completely bio-degradable natural polymer specifically designed to be used as a thickener and filtrate reducer in drilling fluids made with drinking, hard and salty water. Moreover, Fluidstop® is a high efficiency viscosifier to be used as a winning alternative to bentonite when high stabilizing properties are needed against permeable formations. The high waterproofing capacity of Fluidstop® acts directly on the borehole walls, blocks groundwater bleeding and prevents water flooding into the soil.

Specific advantages and benefits

  • API filtrate reducer
  • Very Low sensibility to contaminants
  • Suitable in all kind of soils
  • Low consumption


FLUIDSTOP® is specifically set-up for working even in Hydromill special foundation. It is suitable for all kind of soils


Dosage changes according to the kind of use and to stratigraphy. Our technical dpt. is available to establish the appropriate dosages according to the jobsite needs.

Indicatively, as alternative to bentonite, the usage range is from 5 up to 7 Kg per m3 of water


  • 25 Kg paper

Storage and Disposal

  • Keep the product in a dry place and closed in original packing

§  FLUIDSTOP® drilling fluids do not need any chemical treatment to be disposed because this polymer degrades – naturally