LAVIOFLOC is a liquid synthetic polymer – cross linked type – totally water soluble and designed to show a coagulant action able to activate flocculation process of exhausted drilling muds.

Double benefit

  1. Strong reduction in terms of volume of exhausted drilling muds for disposal
  2. Easier and quicker loading operations because its semi- solid status (shovelable)


  • The application dosage of LAVIOFLOC is extremely wide and it has to be experimentally predetermined
  • Indicatively, the suggested usage is between 0.1% and 1%, calculated on the mud volume to be treated
  • It is advisable to proceed with additions of 0.2% at a time, proceeding with mixing, and stopping any further addition once mud flocculation sludge occurred.

Packing & Storage

  • 25kg/Pail or 230 kg/Drum
  • Keep the product in a dry place and closed in original packaging