Liquid Form modified polyanionic cellulose, – water-soluble – specifically designed to control fluid loss, minimizing any increase in viscosity in water-base muds.


  • LIQUIPAC LV controls fluid loss in fresh water, seawater, KCl and salt muds using any type of drilling tool (bucket, grab and hydromill), It contributes to form a thin, resilient, low-permeability filter cake which minimizes the potential for differential sticking and the invasion of filtrate and mud solids into permeable formations.
  • LIQUIPAC LV is an “low – vis” additive, able to generates less viscosity than regular fluid loss control additives.
  • This protective polymer “coating” inhibits the dispersion of shale cuttings and restricts fluid interactions with exposed shales

Specific advantages and benefits

  • Effective at low concentration to control fluid loss
  • Produces minimal viscosity increase
  • Encapsulates shale particles to inhibit swelling and dispersion
  • Resists against bacterial attack
  • No biocide or preservative is necessary
  • Excellent environmental acceptability
  • Works over a wide range of salinity & hardness
  • Effective over a wide range of pH levels
  • Has application in all water-base muds, ranging from low-solids, non-dispersed polymer systems to high-density,
  • dispersed systems
  • Compatible with all common mud-treating additives


  • 1000 kg plastic

IBC Storage and Disposal

  • Keep containers sealed and do not allow water to contaminate LIQUIPAC LV containers
  • Store in a well-ventilated area away from sources of ignition