Special formulation based on a selection of additives & natural sodium bentonite specifically designed to be used for a foundation engineering works in every type of soils as :

  1. Diaphragm walls
  2. Barrettes
  3. bored piles

It has been engineered to build strong mud viscosity in a fast way, providing a superior hole cleaning thanks to a high gel strength. Moreover, it is recommended in keeping under control lost circulation and formation sloughing, while promoting hole stability in unconsolidated formations. The specific function as a primary filter-cake-building, filtration-control and as suspension agent in freshwater or recycled water is particularly adapted to the different applications even in case of massive seawater and calcium contaminations.

Specific advantages and benefits

  • Provides shale control and lubricity with minimal viscosity increase (during contamination)
  • Working with any type of drilling equipment
  • Hydrates more than other types of Bentonite and is best for developing gels for suspension and controlling filtration
  • Small particle size, unique flat shape and high surface area of hydrated
  • Provides superior filtration values.
  • Promotes the deposition of thin, compressible filter cakes in the bore
  • Fast swelling
  • Effective across a wide pH range
  • Grouting effects
  • Good filtration properties
  • Low consumption
  • Low sensitivity to contaminants (especially soil, salt and cement)
  • Stable even at low usage concentrations (up to 30 kg/mc)


BENTOSUND 120E 45S is specifically set-up for special foundation works in all kind of soils. Dosage changes according to the kind of use and to stratigraphy.

Approx. Amounts in freshwater

  • Normal drilling conditions 35-40 Kg/m3
  • Unconsolidated Form. 40-45 Kg/m3
  • Seawater Contamination 45-50 Kg/m3

Packing Storage and Disposal (Keep the product in a dry place and closed in original packing)

  • Jumbo Bag 1.1Ton
  • 25kgs/Paper bag