BENTOSUND 120E-TM® (Tunnelling)


BENTOSUND® 120E TM is a 100% natural sodium bentonite wisely selected from our mine – completely polymer-free which, after a brief dispersion in water and an aging time of about 1/2 hours, shows a rheological reaction that guarantees highly colloidal suspensions which have excellent suspensive waterproofing and lubricating characteristics. Its usage is recommended for the preparation of the slurry in TBM shield.


Typical characteristics at 5% concentration
Slurry Density g/m2 < 1,1
Moisture % < 15
Dry residue on 200 Mesh % 15-20
GEL 0 Pa > 8
GEL 10 Pa > 10
API Yield Point – 24Hr maturation Pa > 10
Bleeding – 24Hr maturation % < 1
pH – 24Hr maturation 7-11
API Fluid loss 24Hr – maturation ml < 20
Cake – 24Hr maturation mm < 4

Specific advantages and benefits

  • Eco-friendly
  • Polymer free
  • Very good filtration properties
  • Strong Waterproofing and suspensive qualities


BENTOSUND® 120E TM is specifically set-up for Tunnelling. It is suitable for all kind of soils.


Mix with water using a high efficient mixer. To get best properties 24 hours of aging is required.

Packaging Bulk

Jumbo bags 1.1Ton & 25 Kg paper


Keep the product in a dry place and closed in original packing